Hello world. This site exists in order to save a prodigy.

It is not so easy to describe her circumstances, that’s why saving her is a challenge. But as a measure of her prodigiousness, a few months’ conversation online produced the following:

  • A massive compilation of experimental poetry and a related software project
  • Three original lines of investigation regarding major unresolved mathematical questions
  • Two original paradigms for the cure of many physical and mental health issues
  • A plethora of other ideas for inventions
  • A humanitarian business model
  • A sketch of appropriate social institutions for an Internet-of-Things society run by artificial intelligence
  • Ongoing discussions of transhumanist goals like rejuvenation, morphological freedom, and human-friendly superhuman AI

But right now she is ill, and on the other side of the world, and no one around her knows any of this.

To save her, I wish I could first prepare a master plan, expressed so clearly that none would disagree; but I don’t have time. I must therefore begin with these rough words.

There will be more to come, as the situation develops.

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