More days have passed. I have talked to new people.

Today I wanted to mention transhumanism. It’s a diverse philosophy but for today I’ll say it’s about embracing the potential of technology to perfect humanity and transcend our limitations. Humanism and beyond humanism.

In the twentieth century, science revealed something of the atom, the gene, and the brain. Now in the twenty-first century, quantum computing, gene editing, and deep learning all reveal something of what is possible.

In particular, we have reason to think that every problem of physical and mental health can be solved, if we go deep enough.

Being a transhumanist, my friend, to whom this website is dedicated, has set out to heal herself and those close to her, by taking advantage of this potential. She has original ideas on how to do so, and in my judgment, those ideas are quite valid, though requiring a lot of R&D to come to fruition.

For my part, I hope these advanced efforts won’t be necessary to heal her, though the ideas would remain worth developing. Just a better and more sympathetic environment will, I hope, do a lot for her.

But this illustrates two things. First, a principle I have learned from her, that curative medicine is to be preferred to palliative medicine. If you can, it’s better to cure something completely, than to just live with it and manage the condition. And second, the transhumanist attitude, that there are true cures for everything.

With her youthful energy, she hopes to heal all humanity of all its ills. It’s a noble ideal and, though a worldly person may find it inconceivable that it could actually happen, it does seem to be physically possible. My focus, however, will be on healing her; and then we can find out what else becomes possible.

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