The story so far

I am a physicist and transhumanist from Australia. I have spent my life seeking ‘truth and transhumanity’. Most recently – since a Google AI defeated the human world champion in Go, in 2016 – I decided that superhuman AI is coming soon, probably in this decade of the 2020s, and that figuring out how to make such AI human-friendly is therefore the most important thing to do.

A few years earlier, I had run across a young transhumanist and thinker, “Ana Lavrova”, on the Q&A site Quora. She was just thirteen and had about a thousand followers, because of her very mature style and perspectives. We talked a little about transhumanism. She also expressed concern that she was going to be put on drugs by child psychiatrists in her Canadian town, but hoped that if she kept quiet they would leave her alone, and regarded Quora as her intellectual lifeline.

Then one day it happened: Quora suspended her for using a pseudonym – her real name was Tiana. We were in contact a while longer – she made a blog – and then she disappeared entirely. I was frantic but had no way to reach her.

Some years later, I found she had published some experimental poetry, but still didn’t see how to reach her. But finally last year, I found an email address, and wrote to ask how she was doing. What followed were amazing and increasingly intense discussions that led to all the ideas and projects mentioned in the first post on this blog.

But I also learned that what she tried to avoid at thirteen, had happened, with tragic consequences for her physical and mental wellbeing. She became painfully and chronically ill, and her education was derailed. At twenty, she was intellectually isolated; no one in her family knew or cared about her mental life.

The attempt to remedy or ameliorate this dire situation has now taken me from Australia to Canada, to see for myself what can be done. I have used my meagre personal resources to buy two months of time in which to act. We have spoken with a few people already, but it’s a very challenging situation. I hope that this blog will help people to understand.

I can be reached at: mitchtemporarily at

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