There have been many logistical difficulties during this rescue mission, but the coronavirus crisis is the ultimate. As it happens, the abolition of infectious disease was one of Tiana’s visionary aims that we discussed from the beginning, and so we are trying to adapt that part of our invention portfolio, in order to find a niche in the anti-virus effort.

But overall, it’s not the virus that’s the challenge for us, it’s the enormous countermeasures put in place to prevent its spread, which are shutting down so much of society and economy. People don’t meet in person; the public library where we strategized is closed.

I saw the movie “Titanic” during the flight from Australia, and it feels like that. We have a temporary liferaft in the form of a hotel room, but I am trying to find a proper lifeboat for her. Yesterday we saw an intellectual property lawyer, then went to inquire about emergency accommodation… I will continue to protect her for as long as I can.

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